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Cartoon Fax Festival
Humour Carnival

Iran Cartoon

Croatian Cartoonists Association


 Special Event
Humour a Gallarate HUMOUR A GALLARATE 2016
22th edition of prestigeous intl Grand Prix 'Marco Biassoni' and 'Cavandoli' Prize. Theme: Tear down the Wall. Exhibit: november 6 - december 18  The winners

STUDIO ANDROMEDA 2016 - 24th edition of prestigious contest organized by Studio d'Arte Andromeda. Cartoons and satire contest on theme 'Future' The winners
Special DA MONETA UNICA A UNICA MONETA - 10 years of €uro with the best cartoons  The special
 Valentine's day
Valentine's dayLOVE SUPPOSITORY... - Aphorisms, jokes, famous sentences and a special tribute to Peynet to smile of the day of the lovers.  Special Valentine's day
LOVE CARDS service: send your greeting card! The cards
 SEX VALENTINE - The Valentine's cartoon by Roger Penwill
 Special Carnival
Special Carnival CARNIVAL TIME
The craziest and most trasgressive appointment of the year
The cartoon
Facce tosteFACCE TOSTE
The funniest portraits in the web by the Master Fernando Krahn
Gallery online
 Never forgetting
Je suis Charlie
For freedom of satire, of thought and expression
 Never forgetting
Je suis Charlie
For freedom of satire, of thought and expression
 Special Yuriy Kosobukin
 YURIY KOSOBUKIN (1950-2013)
 A tribute to the great Master of graphic humour and cartoon
 The cartoon
 Special Italy
Special Italy 1861-2011 150th ANNIVERSARY OF UNITY OF ITALY
'Fratelli d'Italia' cartoons and caricatures on the italian history 1861-2011 Gallery online
'Italian Land' satire and humour on the 'Belpaese' Gallery online
'Green White Red' Berlusconi and the italian flag The cartoon
 Cartoons d.o.c.
Museo Humour Art HUMOUR ART
The funniest Museum with the masterpieces of art as you never saw!
Gallery online

30 stars in the incredible caricatures by the great Achille Superbi
Gallery online

Vino & Humour WINE & HUMOUR
The amusing and alcoholic cartoons on nectar of the gods
Gallery online

Special Boom B O O M !
Cartoons against terrorism by the best intl cartoonists
Gallery online

 NO CENSORSHIP - Support for Alì Ferzat syrian political cartoonist
 The special
 GADDAFI - The end of a dictator  The cartoon 
 JOHN LENNON - Anniversary 1980-2011  The caricature 
 FEDERICO FELLINI - Tribute to the creator of 'Dolce vita'
 The caricature  
 SERGIO LEONE - The King of 'spaghetti-western' movies
 The caricature
 DARWIN - Tribute to the father of evolutionism  The caricature
 CARNIVAL TIME - The most crazy event of the year  The cartoon
 OLYMPICS - Corto by Master of animation Bruno Bozzetto  The video
 BYE BYE MARILYN - Tribute to the star of Hollywood Gallery online
 ELVIS THE PELVIS - The King of R&R in caricature Gallery online
 CHARLIE CHAPLIN - Tribute to the greatest comedian The caricature
 BIG LUCIANO - The singer opera Pavarotti The caricatures  1  2
 WWWOMEN - Cartoons tribute to the women  Gallery online
 100 DOVES - Cartoons tribute to the symbol of peace Gallery online
 GODBYE - The Pope, the church and the religions  Gallery online
 CAVANDOLI - The great animator of 'La Linea'  Gallery online
 FOLON - Tribute to the Master of illustration  Gallery online
 LUZZATI - The great illustrator and scenographer  Gallery online
Gallery: CaricARTure

Gallery: CaricARTure

The best figures of Art, Cinema, Music in the caricatures by argentinian Agustín Sciammarella.
Gallery online
 Cartoonists Corner
All the news about the best of cartoon, humour, satire and caricature
News from the world

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 Special Sextoons

The funniest gallery of cartoons by the best intl cartoonists on sex & love theme. In exclusive for FanoFunny!
Greetings cards service: send your sextoon card!
Gallery online

The hottest summer with the best cartoons! Send your cards from holydays!
Gallery online

The more alternative trip around the world! Send your cards from your favourite country!
 Gallery online

The greatest gallery of cartoons on all the sports and olympics!
Gallery online

Special FootballCARTOON BALLS
The best intl cartoonists play football in the funniest championship
Gallery online

Humour sweet humourHUMOUR SWEET HUMOUR
The poet of humour!
In exclusive the cartoons by Ernesto Cattoni, one of the greatest italian Masters of humorous graphic.
Gallery online
 Made in Italy: Mattatores
MattatoresFanoFunny on tour
Special show at Festival in Alcalá (Spain)
Gallery online
 Humour Italicus
Humour Italicus30 great italian authors of humorous cartoon
Gallery online
FanoFunny Exhibitions 1996-2001Exhibits 1996/2001
Shows, contests, group and personal events
All galleries online
Umoristi a MarosticaUmoristi a Marostica
on line in FanoFunny site
Gallery online
 Web Award
Humour ItalicusThe Award for the best cartoons site
Participate in contest
All regulations
 Greetings Cards
Greetings cardsExclusive FanoFunny E-Cards: love and sport cartoons
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