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Contests   ( 7)
All international contests of humour cartoon, satire, illustration, animation and mail art

Exhibitions and Fairs   ( 7)
The calendar of the best international exhibitions of humour, satire, illustration, comics and animation

Feco   ( 4)
Feco - Federation of European Cartoonists Organisations: all addresses and contacts in the world

Festivals   ( 3)
The best international Festival of humour and comics: all addresses and contacts

Humour Books   ( 5)
Advices of humour, cartoons and comics books

Museums   ( 6)
The main international museums of cartoons, humour and comics: all addresses and contacts

Magazines   ( 6)
The best international magazines of humour, cartoon, satire and comics: all addresses and contacts
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 Special FanoFunny in the world
MattatoresMATTATORES - 15 italian cartoonists in Spain
Special event organized by FanoFunny in occasion of VII Muestra Ibero-Americana de Humor Gráfico in Alcalá (Spain)
Gallery online

 Special: exhibition of month
Marostica37th UMORISTI A MAROSTICA 2005 - Castello Inferiore, Marostica (Italy). In exhibition the best works by 279 artists from 42 countries on theme "Toys"
Gallery online

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