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 Web Awards
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The "Best Funny Site" Award is a Special Award for the sites with fun contents. We give it the sites funny which have humour, satire nonsense contents under different original graphic or literary profiles.
We offer a mention Award too: the "Excellence" Award.


Criteria to win our "Best Funny Site" Award or "Excellence" Award:

  • the site must be funny (with humorous, satirical, nonsense contents etc.);
  • the site must be regularly up-to-dated and written in English and/or Italian spelling;
  • the site must be well organized and easy to navigate;
  • the site must be original;
  • the site must be should displaied in all the major browsers;
  • the site must be complete: no under construction pages;
  • we'll not consider sites with violent, sexual, erotic, political, racial contents, child and animal exploitation etc;
  • we'll not consider sites with illegal activities;
  • we'll not consider sites with java script errors, especially if errors crash the reviewer's browser;
  • we'll not consider sites with too much advertising banners;
  • we'll not consider sites with too much animated gif;
  • if you don't use original content, give credit to the original author;
  • if you use music anywhere in your site, there should be a way to turn it off;
  • html or/and java code must be correct;
  • load time should be fast: no linking to graphics in other websites;
  • no broken links or images.


If your site corresponds to criteria regulations, you may compete for winning our "Best Funny Site" Award. If your site will receive the Award, it should be linked to our site.
If your site doesn't receive our Award, you may submit again your site after you made a lot of changes.

Ad maiora semper

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 Web Awards
Win our "Best Funny Site" and "Funny Site Excellence" Awards for the best humour and cartoons site: participate in contest !
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