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100 Colombe - Index

Julio Lubetkin
Emma Metrillo
Rigoberta Menchù
Arturo Kemchs

100 Colombe - Index

A book or an exhibition?
by Arturo Kemchs

Making a book or an exhibition about peace?
Why, if the wars will continue? Why, if the injustices will continue? Why, if the inhumanization will go on? Why? ...Why?
I think that all the human beings must play a social role on this planet. The farmers must increase their crops, the architects must build the houses, the doctors must cure us, the drivers must transport things, the teachers must teach, the poets must awaken us. And what about the graphic humorists?
I think that also the draftsmen are part of this group of people and have their own mission as the poets, the journalists, and the architects.
As draftsmen we draw the world which surround us, the history of our planet, trying, with our work, to leave a testimony of the things which happen during our passage.
Itís impossible to think that can exist in the world only one cartoonist or humoristic draftsman that hasnít developed this theme once at least.
The graphic humorists are once again sharpening their pencils and felt pens. I imagine them as strongly creative artists, ready to insist once more against the new holocaust and to use new ink and new ideas against the destruction of life.

President UNIHG (Union Iberoamericana de Humoristas Graficos)

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