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100 Colombe - Index

Julio Lubetkin
Emma Metrillo
Rigoberta Menchù
Arturo Kemchs

100 Colombe - Index

There are those who...
by Emma Metrillo

There are
there are those who chain themselves to the mouths of cannons
there are those who demonstrate in the street shouting peace slogans
there are those who do not buy “dirty” petrol
there are those who hug plants
there are those who dig an atomic shelter in the garden
and who cares,
there are those who want to laugh.
Sometimes to laugh through pain, with a grimace and a pain in their stomach , but always to think and to make people think.
FanoFunny’s intention is to spread the works of some of the most important cartoonists in the world, using the most boundless media: the web. This enables us to add another different colour to the rainbow of peace, and to join the desperate and silent cries of those who fight for peace.

Artistic direction of FanoFunny Intl Festival of Humour and Satire

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