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Humour Carnival

Facce toste




Fernando Krahn

KrahnFernando Krahn, born in Santiago (Chile) in 1935, was one of greatest international Masters of humour graphic.
Cartoonist, illustrator, photographer, he lived in Chile and in New York (1963-68); since 1973 he lived and works in Sitges, Barcellona (Spain).
He collaborated with reviews and newspapers in all the world: The New Yorker, Herald Tribune (Usa), La Vanguardia, El Pais (Spain), Die Zeit, Stern (Germany), La Repubblica (Italy).
He published more than 30 books in USA, 20 books in Spain, besides several collection of cartoons in many countries; he realized a series of animated cartoons for spanish TV.
His works are collected in the main Cartoons and Caricature Museums (Barcellona, Basilea, Santiago).
He died in Barcellona on febraury 2010.

In collaboration with Carnevale di Fano and Festival di Humor Grafico
Cartoons covered with copyright © Fernando Krahn

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