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  FANOFUNNY is an International Festival of Humour and Satire which offers, in specific and autonomous sections, a rich schedule of events; all of them revolve about HUMOUR and SATIRE, occasion of amusement togheter with thought.
In this container one may find contests, exhibitions, retrospectives, monographs, collector's items and more; also, one may have the occasion to meet some of the authors, while moving from one artistic expression form to a different one: from satire to caricature drawing, from graphic works to illustration art, from comic strip to animation, from theatre to cinema; all of this keeping an eye on literature.
Since the elements contained in the FANOFUNNY showcase are so varied, the exhibition is divided into the following sections:

HUMOUR CARNIVAL Humour and Satire on show at Carnival

CARTOON FAX FESTThe first international contest of humouristic graphics by Fax

EVENTIGreat shows upon the Masters of Humour, Satire, Caricature and Comics

MIRABILIAMonographic works, retrospectives, collector's items beyond Humour

FANOFUNNY FAIRTrade-shows, conventions and meetings with authors

ESTEMPORANEALive performance shows and live performances of cartoonists and caricaturists

TOUROpen house for touring exhibitions and the present and past FanoFunny shows

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